Your personal brand can set you apart from competition. Whatever your career and goals, a well maintained online profile is a key contributor to success.

Business Headshot: A business headshot is useful for Linkedin, organizational charts and also your website.

Environmental Portrait: Environmental Portrait: Whether you are an executive in an office or an artist in your studio, this look is the perfect portrayal of you in your 'work zone'. This look is ideal for your cover pages on Linkedin, Facebook and even as a banner image for your website.

Casual Portrait: This look is ideal for your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, and also a chance to display your hobbies and personal style.

These sessions provide help you an all round online profile. Clients use the images on their websites (as banner images, on the About page etc.), as well as Facebook, Instagram and other social media.


Elite: $600 for the 3 looks described above
Plus: $450 for any 2 looks described above


Personal Branding: What's That?

Per Wikipedia, 'Personal branding is the practice of marketing yourself and your career as a brand.' In other words, you are not selling yourself at just face value, but rather as a whole package of personality, interests and skills.

Why are my pictures important to branding?

Simply because the first thing people look at on your website or social media are your images! And images should depict clearly you as a person and a professional.


How does this package help?

We have developed this package to speak about you; the three looks included are well thought of, and are designed after consultation with corporate leaders, branding experts as well as business owners and creatives.

The conclusion through our short research was that while business headshots are essential for a professional profile, portraits are more relatable and give the viewer a better idea of your personality. Hence, the environmental and casual portraits coupled with the business headshot make a couplete branding package!